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Sending chocolate to Mars – Here’s how!

07.12.2023 | by Patricia Eschenlohr

Shipping chocolate to Mars – Here’s how!

A sweet, soft feeling in your mouth. Nuts, pieces of cornflakes or biscuits between your teeth. Bitter, white or whole milk.

This guide is all about chocolate, or to be more precise, the tempered shipping of chocolate. More and more people are buying chocolate, pralines, and macarons online rather than in a small store in the city center. Once the order has been placed with a single click, it is the manufacturer’s or retailer’s turn to pack and ship the chocolate safely.


How the shipping of chocolate is done

If chocolate is not adequately packaged during shipping, the customer will see it immediately: a grainy feel and a white/grey coating! Fat or sugar bloom has started to form. The enemy of every chocolatier.

Fat bloom occurs when the temperature or humidity in the package was too high. The fat in the cocoa butter then migrates from the inside of the chocolate to the surface and crystallizes there. The fat also migrates from the inside to the outside during sugar ripening but condenses there. This is caused by rapid temperature fluctuations and excessive humidity during shipping.

If the temperature in the parcel is higher than 30°C during shipping, the chocolate melts and every customer can see this immediately.

If you want to guarantee a proper unboxing experience when you receive your sweet goods, you should use packaging for shipping that is

  • insulating,
  • shock-absorbing, and
  • moisture-regulating.


This is the only way to ensure

  • chocolate does not melt,
  • is not exposed to strong temperature fluctuations,
  • does not break, and that neither fat nor sugar bloom can form.


Landpack packaging is ideal for shipping chocolate due to its natural insulation, shock absorption and moisture regulation. This is because, unlike plastic packaging, natural fibers breathe and therefore naturally regulate the humidity in the packaging in a downward direction. This means that the paper packaging around the chocolate arrives intact.


By the way, chocolate prefers a temperature range between 10 and 24°C.
Personalised chocolate for births, christenings, or weddings, shipped throughout Europe within the Landbox Hemp.

1-2 D

Personalized chocolate sent from MARS WRIGLEY 

For births, christenings, or weddings. Personalized M&M’S® are perfect for any celebration. To ensure that they arrive intact alongside the other table decorations, MARS WRIGLEY has been using the Landbox Hemp for temperature-controlled shipping during summer since 2022. The hemp insulation is supplemented by cold packs. The chocolates are shipped around 13 countries in Europe including Italy and south of Spain. The Landbox Hemp ensures that the chocolate candies arrive undamaged and in time for the festivities within a maximum of 48 hours.




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