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Landpack in the Life Science trade journal LABORPRAXIS

28.11.2023 | by Patricia Eschenlohr
231123 Laborpraxis

Our first article in the trade journal LABORPRAXIS has been published!

In its latest issue, the trade journal for the life science industry presents the Landbox Straw as insulated packaging for laboratory products. More precisely: For laboratory products under cleanroom conditions, namely wipe sample kits for monoclonal antibodies, developed by the Institute for Environment & Energy, Technology & Analytics (IUTA). The purpose of the wipe sample kits is to identify contamination and pollution of surfaces by monoclonal antibodies and to validate the effectiveness of cleaning.

In an experimental data collection at IUTA, it was tested whether the Landbox straw can replace polystyrene as packaging material for the demanding cold shipment of wipe sample kits.

The majority of customers work in a cleanroom environment, which means that special attention is paid to the emission of particles from the materials.

Can such sensitive products be shipped in the Landbox Straw?


Dr. Thorsten Teutenberg, Head of the Research Analytics & Miniaturization Department at IUTA: “Straw as a renewable raw material meets all the technical and economic requirements that we used as a basis for our comparison with Styrofoam.”

Every year, the world’s life science laboratories produce 5.5 million tons of plastic waste. 70% of CO2 emissions in the life science industry are generated in the supply chain. In terms of volume, the largest share of waste is caused by insulated packaging for shipping to and from laboratories.

That is too much. The Landbox can make a sustainable contribution here and the first life science companies are leading the way.

Thanks to IUTA for the exciting collaboration and to Marc Platthaus (LABORPRAXIS) for the interview.




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