Our power insulation material from straw

Landbox® Hanf:
Flexible insulation solutions from hemp

Landbox Hanf

Landpack® Bag:
Compostable insulated pocket

Landpack® Tasche

Cooling elements:
Naturally with water

Landbox® – naturally insulated with straw

  • Outstanding insulation & shock absorption
  • Disposable in the organic, garden or residual waste
  • 100% natural product
  • Received Awards from the German Institute for Packaging and the Bavarian Agricultural Ministry

  • The ecological alternative to styrofoam

Landbox® Hanf – flexible hemp fleece

  • Disposable in the organic waste
  • 100 % natural product – no additives
  • Flexible commissioning for small volumes
  • Insulated & shock absorbing

  • Great style, unique look and touch
  • The ecological alternative to styrofoam and blister foil

Landpack® Bag – sustainable insulated pocket

  • Disposable in the organic waste
  • 100 % natural product – no additives
  • The best solution for mixed deliveries and small volumes

  • One piece – no thermal bridges
  • Cost-effective – no need for outer packaging
  • Insulated & shock absorbing


About Landpack

  • What is packaging?
  • Can packaging protect and spread joy?
  • Do our straw bales have a soul?
  • What’s up next?
of online shoppers buy groceries regularly online only if they are packaged in ecological products and with little packaging waste.
of online shoppers only buy groceries regularly online if there is a guarantee for freshness is provided.
buy groceries online only if they are delivered to the doorstep.
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Landpack E-Food Handbook

Market developments, tips & tricks
for shipping, packaging, and cooling,
insights into thermodynamics and much more
to make your cooled grocery shipping as easy as possible.

Landbox® – Our power insulation from straw

We have the alternative to styrofoam –
it is also possible with naturally, renewable resources.

Landbox® Hemp – More than just packaging

The flexible solution – soft and nice – for everyone, who enjoys high-quality packaging.

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