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Radically good
insulated packaging

Best insulation. Seriously ecological. Local.

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Maximum insulation
Real sustainability
Patented production
Local resources
Since 2014, we have specialised in the development, production and marketing of sustainable insulated packaging for cold chain distribution. The internationally protected Landbox® developed by us is the world's first radically ecological and compostable insulating packaging with the performance data of Styrofoam.
Every day, chilled and frozen food, reagents, enzymes, vaccines and shock-sensitive products circulate safely and sustainably in thousands of Landboxes. >1,000 customers from the food & petfood, pharmaceutical and life science sectors rely on our know-how, our advice and our sustainable insulated packaging.
Highest insulation performance lineO
Space-saving & flexible lineO
Practical & small lineO
Naturally cooled lineO
Save dry ice lineO
Calculate the amount of coolants lineO
We replace fossil resources by using a local agricultural by-product as the primary raw material. Using this residue as a substitute for crude oil contributes to resource efficiency.
Local agriculture
Landpack straw comes from contract farmers in the surrounding area. This minimises transport distances and creates another source of income for our farmers in addition to grain yields.
Circular economy
From raw materials to processing with 100 % renewable energies and returning them to the natural cycle - a bio-based circular economy in which we give back to nature what is taken out.
We live sustainability in all areas

ECOLOGICAL: From raw materials to processing with 100 % renewable energies and recycling into the natural cycle.

SOCIAL: Strengthening local agriculture. Enables profitable grain cultivation for small full-time farms in the first place.

ECONOMIC: We grow organically and sustainably. Surpluses are reinvested.

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Packaging Act

The new Packaging Act has been in force since 2019. The use of ecological packaging will finally be rewarded financially.

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